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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 28, 2010 5:30pm-7:00pm PST

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there take a look live in marin. the rain is just coming down. coming down very hard and a flood watch in effect for the north bay. look of the video, very heavy rain. to look at storm tracker 4 radar. you see this reflected on the radar with heavy rain to the north bay and sitting off shore. the of the moderate to heavy rain on the yellow on your screen indicating that. a lot sitting on shore ready to push into san francisco and also the san mateo coastline. that's your of the rain is coming down here novato half-inch of rain and moderate rainfall. this will pick up to the evening where we can see as much as an inch of rain per hour. right now as ever file sing have to rainfall rates about a quarter of an inch of rain. you could see right over the golden gate bridge with the moderate rain pushing in and the rest of that sitting
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off shore. moving in san francisco at about half an hour. it's a powerful storm vote tuesday on the yellow on your screen was a heavy line of showers through northern california. this will push into the bay area for the evening. there's the heavy rain pushing in the north bay now south of the golden gate here for about an hour and l into the south bay later this evening. a flash flood watch in effect for the north a darker you see on your screen here. a flood warning for the rest the bay area. from 6:00 till 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning a. intense rainfall rates could see it to an inch of rain an hour in the north bay. when the advisory bay area wide. it same time five time frame of miles an hour expect as the storm pushes through. lets put those rainfall totals and take a look at this year forecast coming up in a bit. >> snow in the zeroth could mean good news for water
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supplies as the first survey of the snowpack is now out to and it shows us here right now holding almost double the water that no more legal system in the year. experts say the same will likely boost water deliveries next year to cities and farms coping with the recent drought. time is running out to find alternative to living off a half-dozen police officers and antioch. >> the police station and other city officers are close to the end of years an indication of how bad things are for the city's finances. the police union and city your report of the negotiations try to come up with the way to avoid layoffs six officers from the department. those officers are scheduled to lose their jobs january 1st. six officers might not seem like a lot tighter the forces already grossly understaffed because of unfilled positions. currently there are hundreds for officers with the department and losing six
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will bring the number please down to 98. the police union said the layoffs could affect current and future investigations of crimes because detectives could be sent to the patrol duty and would not have time to follow up. another thing the mixing is worse is the fact that the remaining officers, will begin to pay raise on the same day that those six officers are scheduled to be laid off. the series is part of a previously negotiated contract. it all comes at a time when a number of high- profile cases have been in the news lately, the city is struggling with a homicide rate that is double this year. the doesn't seem to be much movement and the negotiations so. city councilman and told kron 4 that there were indeed in the budget strategy he would of been contacted. in antioch jeff bush kron 4 news. >> is that a recent robberies in oakland people. but there is that half a dozen robberies in december and two in the past 48 hours.
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>> the suspects are posing an atom christless, they add looks legitimate and it's difficult to tell that it's not going to be a legitimate business deal. one of the things we want people to look out for though, prices that look too good to be true. and the vehicles less and well below the blue book value of probably isn't good to be legitimate business deal. >> this is the robbers have occurred in broad daylight in north and east bay we neighborhoods. they have limited suspect information at this time, they're advising people not to bring large amounts of cash and a good purchase cars. few of police and richmond are reporting good news. this a crime is down dramatically. this year compared to last year they say the number of homicides is dropped from 44-year to only 21 this year. officers credit beefed up patrols and projects they've working on and more dangerous parts of the city.
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>> were in tankful that the police department is up to its numbers and they're doing their part, local politicians the newly elected local politicians are doing their part. we would like the community to know how the face communities during their part is well. i think that it's very important we have for all these entities to be involved together. this is the iron triangle its notorious for eight murders a year in this area. since we parted with the city of richmond and related companies of california, there have only been two murders in this area. >> city redevelopment and community-based patrol system is also credited with reducing the problem of crop year it and stepping out of the shadows and into the public via the anonymous
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public was behind a controversial airport security video goes down the tube is revealing his identity. george horn spoke with them. >> my name is chris lewis and have an airline pilot. this week chris is not just an airline pilot, he's the pilot who posted this video and youtube when you get what he believes is a serious flaw at airport security. >> i found a disparity between what happens upstairs and what happens downstairs. upstairs you're going through all the metal detectors, the x-ray machines and downstairs there's one thing a card. >> is nothing in this video that an observant passenger couldn't see on the wrong. i did think this would going to get this much traction. this is just a little value that i did. now that it's gone worldwide, i was pretty shocked.
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>> large a cam as a result to the tse's response to the video. when a team of six federal agents in sheriff deputies showed off on was traffic. at on that same driveway we ask his wife sandra about the attention that is now the focus on your husband and her family. >> a thickness and was courageous, as he did what he believed was right. his choice was deposed the video for you to know what the intention of making this into a huge news story. it's not all about us about safety of every american and it's about keeping things in perspective. >> i never thought about being an activist but it's turning into that direction. >> we chose to go public to tell federal officials he's ready to continue the discussion face-to-face. then he wants to go back to being a pilot. >> all and looking out for
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is the flying public. i just want to start from point a and appointee and of the flight is really boring >> a statement released by san francisco airport saturday sing the video was false and misleading information about airport security. expos of luggage to tell you. miami international airport official say looks like an aerosol can exploded inside this bag on the tarmac. nell was injured the biggest damage, we see bomb squad going for the shreds of what appeared to be pressurized cans. the bomb squad will be determining exactly what was inside that bag. >> with good weather in the northeast fell causing trouble trouble. here's from the party at airport or hundreds of passengers on to our delayed for days and falling hoping to find a flights of leaking get to their destination as many passengers in the bay area are sharing the feeling of frustration with those
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shredded passengers. jonathan blum was tracking the trouble lies. >> if you look behind me you conceals a doll and factors . there's one lone passenger making their way through the metal detector that should tell you something. it should tell you if people are added to these calls right now, if not on an airplane to problems sitting at home what their hotels regrettably waiting out the delays of three or four days in some cases before they can get a ticket on a flight. the light is in that security it's at the ticket counter. here's long lines earlier today awaiting customer service for united and american airlines here in this terminal waiting to find out what exactly they can get on a flight. the east coast flights headed out to they're only going out on the one to four hour delay. long but terrible. people who don't have to guess because flights were canceled yesterday, those peoples have to wait some cases till thursday are friday before they can get on. we talked for exchange
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students today who said this is an inconvenience it's for their travel plans into a total train wreck. here's what they told us. >> we need to capture checking that have spots for us not even one seat. we just have to wait. we have a hotel but to n.y. but we can't get to refineries thing. it's hard but we can't do anything we just have to waiting cope with it. >> as these cause passengers have held their hands in heads. people going to seven california and west they have the smiles on their face but not for long. whether delays are coming for those little flights headed elsewhere in the western united states and are already upon us. 1530 minute delays in some cases slated to peak around one hour delays in this evening because of the weather that's happening right here at sfo. the wind is blowing
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the wrong direction, the rain is making it hard to see sofa it's going to western union states are going to get laid along with the flights quantities coast. in this case no one is immune from the delays you're at sfo. >> there still trying to clear along the northeast shares the view of brooklyn york. many streets in cars buried under 2 good as gold and the train subways and buses also having a hard time getting around as the cleanup continues. many residents criticizing your city to take too long to get this off the streets. mayor michael bloomberg said the city's doing all it can to get the roads clear as quickly as possible. here's the view from new jersey, 30 in. of snow there. he sees several drivers try to get their cars dugout. many residents are removing snow from walkways are sidewalks, and from the looks of some the snow mounds of the windshields and looks like it's going to be a long time before they got those cars out on the streets again. gigot the time lapse from boston over the weekend. it
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shows the stock piling up here over a 12 hour period. a video store to 10:00 on sunday and he did siesta time lot moves it keeps piling up higher and higher. not a lot of cars out on the road a lot of people decided to stay home toward the end of the video almost the entire scene is covered in snow as boston picked up close to 20 in. of snow and blizzard like conditions. our coverage of the travel troubles continues on line it we have links information for weather problems in flight delays and cancellations across the country.
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the bay area was a bright start in the new record for home prices and shows drops in every part of the nation. a nationwide home prices fell an average of more than 1% month over month. the
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measure property values in 20 metropolitan areas. six of them ranging from seattle to miami posted the biggest month-to-month drop since the housing slump began nearly four years ago. bay area home prices were down less than 2% and overall they were up more than 2% from last year. one of only for ordinary as with year- to-year increases. bay area realtor john said local home sellers would be better off waiting to put the properties on the market. >> if yet to sell next year to any bought recently it's not good news at all. if you bought 1015 years ago you're still probably ok in most of the market. some have dropped significantly even back to those kind of crisis. like san francisco were holding a little bit better were probably 2005 prices right now. >> continue to track the prices and storm will give you live looks here and
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video coming in shot in the rain coming down in oakland. the rate well as people of their umbrellas out in the winds picking up. the trick of the view here and the rain coming down on sir francis and the rain picking up in intensity we have flash flood warnings out there. windy conditions expected to net as well. what more on the weather coming up.
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the rain is coming out there the left-hand side of your screen is a live look from the golden gate bridge wet pavement there but a special on the right-hand side of your screen look out heavy that rain is coming down. there's a flash flood watch in effect for the north bay. easy to see why we look at the storm tracker 4 radar plenty of heavy rain to the north bay at this hour. if also rain fall pushing into the golden gate, san francisco shortly. let's take a look on future cast which pressed has this down pat. the heavy rain to the north bay is what were
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seeing right now close to the 6:00 or. 7:00 hour more widespread heavy rain and pushed out of the golden gate. it also allows him to coastline by 8:00 the storm picks up the intensity plenty of red in the north bay indicating rain coming down. that also happen down the san mateo coastline to the santa cruz mountains as well. into the net o'clock our heavy rain continues along the coastline to san francisco. botanical to push itself the santa cruz mountains in the state also down in the south bay. by midnight a small area of heavy rain remains turning showery and tapering off shortly. it will see intense rainfall special in the north bay a flood watch in effect for the entire north bay of flood advisory for the rest of the bay area. rainfall rates will be very impressive up to an inch an hour in the north bay and half an inch an hour elsewhere. to 4 in. of total rifle expected in the north bay by the time the storm pushes through early
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tomorrow morning. intentioned amount of time obviously a danger of there with a flash flooding. a wind advisory effect for the entire bay area. gusty winds reach more morning. it 20 the third mile an hour winds with gusts up to 50 mi. an hour could cause down trees and power outages as the storm pushes through. a winter storm warning in this era when a bit of new snow expected above 7,000 ft. to 3 ft. of new snow to be exact. very windy conditions as well ringtoss 200 mi. an hour you might want to consider putting off the truck until last thursday when the winds calmed down. your kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay run the bay forecast. high temperature of about 51 early in the day and and temperatures will drop off through the afternoon with very windy conditions and it's very bloodstream cooler out there tomorrow definitely bring the jack in gloves. thursday and friday sunny skies and chilly
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morning another store said to push through this weekend it could capture new year's eve plants about 55 to chance of rain at this point. >> residents of new jersey is so frustrated over the massive amounts of snow that's filling the drive was a rhodes it's getting much needed help from the mary are the twitter. our internet reporter kelly has more. >> for those residents were snow and can't get to work schools and to the grocery store to get supplies they're taking to twitter to talk to the mayor to get stuff done. a ticket tweet i found it a lot of, or seeing these ones but for himself actually responds with what street is that. business owners also jumping in sing have a vote for employes cinderblocks haven't been cleaned and their rights back sing any street names and patience. there's another one that said any city volunteers to dickson won out i need to get to my medical procedure and booker
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said it i will dig yourself. these are the pictures were seeing is going out to the city is helping residents out he help this person show of her driveway and another picture we see him directing traffic. the mayor of newark new jersey out there helping as residents of the twitter. hauling in the new year with kron 4. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. now get up to $300 back in promotion cards.
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at&t. rethink possible. live this is kron 4 news at 6:00. our big story bay area there whether who were your jacqueline bennett we were expecting the heaviest rain to come in the next few hours the raiders' lit up right now. >> >> it is right on track heavy to the north bay right now. for the extra hours what to expect. ? >> it will push to the southward over the golden gate here in the next 20 minutes or so but let's do man and see how bad this is. rainfall rates are very impressive in certain spots.
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near vallejo were looking at rainfall rates of about two-thirds of an inch of rain per hour. same thing down near the 101 mill valley, also near 2/3 inch of rain per hour. let's go to san francisco right now have your range is starting to pick up. about this here just about 200 counts of an inch of rain an hour let's exciton as it gets to the east bay. it's good question the piedmont in the next 20 minutes or so. let's look at a water view picture because the storm is very impressive. it has all the right dynamics over as right down to get this very heavy rainfall which is why there is a flash flood watch in effect for the north bay right now. is quite a bit of yellow here on the screen indicating the moderate to heavy rain pushing for the north bay right now. will be plenty pushing in be handed over the next couple of hours were going to get hit hard. which were read out there today but it's now quite heavy rain. heavy rain
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but also very windy conditions this evening as we head into tomorrow. this, will through quickly just a chance for labor in showers and tomorrow morning. plus street and cold they the winds coming down into the evening leading to a chilly night over night to will talk about that plus the rainfall rates and totals coming up here in just a bit. >> if crews all over the bay right now is for tracking the storm coming and did this take a look at the rain in the north bay near sausalito coming down in the last hour. he can hear how hard it's raining. in oakland here's a scene although not coming down as hard, it's still enough rain to what the pavement. in antioch, he see the rain coming down here, not writing it as hard as other bay area but the rain stopped coming in right now. its action rating heavier than that video from a short time ago. gray skies a few battles in the cells they the rain picking up 87 at
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guadalupe parkway. meantime nationally the blizzard that paralyzed the northeast could move down but for thousands of travelers are still stuck in new york city. if they spent three days waiting for flights into day brought new misery by the planeload >> i'm aggravated really aggravated 3 >> had the pain of traveler's and the terminals at kennedy airport now matched by the pain of a rise in international travel spirited off at cathay pacific flight from vancouver landed at 2:00 a.m. and stayed on the tarmac for 11 hours before passengers were allowed off. >> there's no where to go with no baggage handlers, no staff to receive us. at the and what were talking about getting an actual letter to the runways with you get the plane there. >> the way was nearly seven hours for passengers on a british airways flight to. >> the immigration staff when home care good >> of mexico flight from
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mexico city. >> were stuck up there in the middle of nowhere in the snow. the >> new york port authority runs the airports and planes the air lines for putting the flights in the air without checking >> the airline to that check before the cut to the airport whether they were getting a date to put people didn't have the staffing, to put the plane so without that to their route on the tarmac. what i can tell you, the gm and at jfk spent the entire morning trying to find a date for these people even though it has nothing to do with his responsibility it's strictly an airline responsibility and they didn't fulfill that. >> the problem is not just at jfk. >> at the korea we had three planes come in with no gates to park at our staff spent several hours finding dates, pulling every airline at laguardia to make sure we could put the plans for the patriot once again were taking on the responsibility and is generally something that belongs to the airlines >> one day area passenger
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rights advocates said the finger pointing will not help anyone stop >>. it's something we ought to be embarrassed about in the u.s. that we don't have contingency plans at the airports. the airports were not required to have contingency plans in our rules and that's a mistake. >> estimates are that the east coast blizzard cost airlines to cancel more than 10,000 flights. the national weather you just saw impacting traveler's see in the bay area kron 4 jonathan blum now live at sfo is watching the travel implications out west. >> there of the implications of not where you're flying from sfo because the storm audi's does impact in your fight it could be the rain storm right here in the bay area. look behind me here you see a whole bunch of looking traveler's. lucky because these are the traveler's that were on a flight that was supposedly actually taking off. he looked at the video tape was shot two minutes ago you can see what it means for travelers whose flights are not taking off. their little
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kids were getting really, really bored and nancy or sleepy. you're the lucky parents if your kids are getting sleepy and as opposed to nc. people are waiting in line for the to cover is try to get seats on flights. the flights were canceled as a result of the blizzards of these. all lotta unable to get flights until thursday or friday in some cases. we talked to some extent in some respect here all the way up until new year's eve. we also talked to a family was waiting for dad to get home for the holidays. that was supposed to be on yesterday now there from here they are poor way to pick him up after retreaded take matters into his own hands a lot of spending a lot of time in the snow. >> we all feel really bad for him because he got no sleep he's freezing and we'll just want to come home. the weather is awful. he's had a lot of flights canceled probably for cancelled already. he did
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even have a flood of jfk he just thought it better bet of getting a flood of there. he spent the night there and those flights got cancelled. you can see the weather messing up travel plans for a lot of people whether you're trying to get to the bay area or whether you're trying to leave the bay area. now there are travel delays that if you're flying somewhere in the western united states even flights from here to southern california are being delayed because of the rain in the wind here at the san francisco airport. did change the right configuration which means the delays will multiplies throughout the evening and some flights even short runs from here to l.a. could be delayed for much it as an hour up to a couple hours from now. in evening wear the airport will be a popular place for people to just hang out, perhaps not by choice. it live at sfo jonathan blum kron 4 news. >> our coverage of the travel troubles continue on line on our web site at we have links
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to information of flight delays and cancellations. we'll be right back. it as we track the store more and here's a look rain picking up in intensity in the north bay which is under a flash flood watch.
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a seven year-old man was apparently crushed to death by a tree in scotts valley this afternoon. the victim using a chain saw the cut in oak tree that had fallen on a previous storm in the tree rolled over on. hitting into the ground he was pronounced dead on the scene treated the man was drawn to cut the trees for firewood. it's a case of retiring but not actually leaving even as your pension kicks in. means getting paid twice. but as greg clark tells us the south bay fire chief >> a double the pension, fire chief of the santa
6:12 pm
clara fire department is leaving but still collecting money. the g-7 year-old kenneth overtire the in the month and start collecting his pension the detectives did not for a while the help of the apartment transition to a new chief that means getting paid a consulting fee equal to what he spent earning as chief. $113 an hour that's on top of getting it to did thousand dollar your pension. critics say that's double dipping and economic hard times that's unfair profits. they say they want his experience given a strong track record on the job. >> from our perspective we have to make decisions and move the organization forward based on what we believe is make sense from an operational standpoint. that's what we're doing. certainly, the concern raised is one that we understand. >> by lot of variables stay on like this for six months. get them in up to much of the chief cities of a gun is a as a consultant for collection months. >> as he got a break out
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live look from the golden gate rain picking up in intensity and traffic moving pretty smoothly here on the bridge.
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the rain is really coming down now. let's look at radar pictures. heavy rain to the north a day now but delta as well. there indicating very heavy rainfall. let's see how happy it is in g mail , very intense their end of auto whizzing rainfall rate of about an inch an hour just a moment ago. now it's down to two-thirds of attention hour. orinda's in heavy rain in half an inch an hour there. it's pretty much the bay area wide oreric area wide now. and inch costs at this hour. it down in san francisco, the rain follows up picking up here. in severance is good downtown a third of an inch of rain in hour oakland also
6:17 pm
sing about the same period as the most of the rest of the evening were going to continue to see this heavy rain. will this is 6:00 our future cast as his pay did really well. the heavy rain mainly over the north bay. continue to push south of the golden gate at the 7:00 hour and down to the san mateo coastline also parts of the state will continue that southward push at the o'clock hour. bay area wide same moderate to heavy rain. rainfall rates to top an inch an hour we just saw that and else a broad tape. if the 9:00 hour content with moderate to heavy rain in the bay area by 10:00 it will be down to this out so north bay seeing a bit of a break. 11:00 to midnight continuing to push to the south and lange bring showers behind the heavy rain and all continue into early tomorrow morning. rainfall totals will be impressed with the storm. so far we've seen almost three- quarters of an inch in mount st. helena, santa rosa little over half an inch to just drops off after that an
6:18 pm
expert the rainfall totals to start picking up a special with the rain coming down a half an inch an hour in many spots out there now. rainfall totals look like this tonight to 4 in. in the north bay same in the santa cruz mountains. it impress the rainfall rates expected so flash flood watch in effect for the north bay and a flood advisory for the rest of bay area. this is a lot of right to taking in and a 10 hour time frame that's how long the storm will last. it's also going to be very windy as a pushes through winds picking up rain now will continue to be gusting over night tonight into tomorrow. the gusts could reach 55 mi. an hour along the coast. it was a blustery out there tomorrow and cool. behind the storm temperatures will drop off dramatically even though will reach a high of 51 tomorrow by 11:00 a.m., temperatures will drop off after that and the cold and blustery through the afternoon. it was out there tomorrow. thursday and friday will keep cold mornings and sunday afternoons. a storm on top for the weekend no could
6:19 pm
impact your new year's eve plans about a 5050 chance of seeing right out there now >> as he watched the high winds in the bay area, they're being blamed it back east for terrifying accident that cost more than a dozen skiers off a chair lift happening in maine. >> a big bump and all the sudden we saw while i did like that. >> this is a scene in sugarloaf ski resort in maine. hundreds of skiers were heading up the mountain to take advantage of 22 in. of overnight snowfall. the >> and 30 a.m. this morning one of our chair lifts at the rails at from one tower and as a result of that a number of shares fell at least three of those shares directly impacted the ground. six people were taken to the hospital. as many as 160 others had to wait for rescues of that cell phones. z there is
6:20 pm
about a hundred of us on the chair lift and wind conditions are pretty testy and eight degrees outside so it's not so fun sitting up there. a lot of people talking about the accident at sugarloaf on the resort face book page. kimberly is that the model has a look at that page. z did release date on top of things on the face page putting up statements and different updates and press releases on the face the page. >> this to the look of the comments, around 9:00 a.m. about nine hours ago that sugarloaf first but there update letting people know about the chair live to relman, how many injuries were first reported a lot of comments people saying wow, please put a new chair to the tops the way chairs are old, slow and dangerous. another comment you can see at the top disney says thank-you to the emergency responders, the fellow skiers and snow order so also helped out. russell
6:21 pm
right below thinks it's time for new lives. douglas disagrees writing new lives fail to people let's send well wishes to all involved and leave speculation and opinion for later. stay with us it will be back right after this break. u=b(b]@@
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sir elton john is a dad he and husband david became parents on christmas day and their son zachary jackson was born in california by sarah get. the formalize the relationship and a civil partnerships their money back in 2005 after 12 years of being together. she may be engaged but she's definitely not pregnant as country singer lee and rods treated today denying rumors that she's expecting. this comes one day after she announced her engagement to eddied they met while filming the movie northern lights. that romance is controversial considering both stars were married at the time to other people. madonna was unable to visit
6:25 pm
this christmas that in stopper from setting guess. according to people she sent boxes of toys chocolates and other sweets to children there in six orphanages. madonna adopted her son david and her daughter mercy for that country. a michigan man facing prison time for checking his soon-to-be ex- wife is e-mail's. kimberly is here to tell us what happens. kimberly pretty shocking case here, how did he get your e-mail password? >> lie and said his wife put her passport and a scrap of paper next to the computer, said he was within his rights to log into the computer however prosecutors are saying that, this took place months after she filed for divorce. take a look. >> 33 year-old leon our resident logs on to his wife's e-mail account. he didn't see anything wrong with it, he have done it before. >> she she in the past four before she did how did. >> only this time is in the
6:26 pm
process of divorce. a computer technician with oakland county said his wife's e-mail revealed her affair with her second husband a man who'd been arrested for allegedly beating her in the past. worried for his daughter's safety, he turned e-mail's over to was wife's first husband was home she also shares a child. >> he took action with the courts to have himself protection and took action for my daughter. >> this was a clear call the police and the prosecutor's office eventually charge walker with a five-year felony. >> i fear of the action is taken against me and wrong on some of the levels. he hired an attorney. i find it so hard to believe that a legislature would enact a law and say if has been a wiser reading druthers e- mail that's a priority, we have to stop that. >> which were told the pro
6:27 pm
prosecutors is behind a decision to charge. he was only protecting his job. >> it's a burning house to kick the door open or to let it burn. i did what i think was absolutely necessary. >> what are his wife of divorce the cases when a trial >> nobody realizes the serious implications, is he facing jail time? >> definitely is facing up to five years in prison. walker been kidding you should get in trouble for simply checking as well as e-mail. >> a programming note here is about a break you could bring in the new year with kron 4 were bringing you one of the biggest and best part is the bay area to end at 1130 after newscast friday night for kron 4 is new year's live presented by elite md, it's the only local new year's eve show in the bay area.
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now let 630 tonights big stories in one big block of news. more cruz, more stories right now our top
6:30 pm
story. our top story tonight is the heavy rain through the bay area this evening. right now you could see it going on to parts of the north bay with over the golden gate into the east bay. it also the delta let's take a closer look you see a lot of that yellow and orange you're on your screen. indicating rain fall from a third of an inch to 2/3 of an inch of rain per hour. really coming down over richmond right now, over oakland vallejo and for the delta. this will continue to the evening as well. future cast to the red through the north bay at the 7:00 hour of pushing it south of the golden gate. the santa cruz mountains also getting heavy rain into the o'clock hour. plenty orange on your screen indicating rainfall rates nearer an inch of rain per hour. it's really going to come down out there continue in this evening to the 9:00 hour. it will tighten up a little bit and push a little down more to the south. while this is going on with a flood advisory effect for the entire bay area. also a flood watch for the north
6:31 pm
bay because of these intense rainfall rates. rain will taper off after the midnight hour. just a few scattered showers expected to remain into tomorrow morning. a flood watch in effect for the north bay and a flood advisory for the rest of the bay area. periods of heavy rain sometimes up to an inch of rain per hour. we saw that a short while ago. it that will last the evening as well. to forge a total expected in the north bay that's why a flood watch as an affect their. katz, very windy out there right now is the storm passes through. and will incur in through tomorrow so that will be + 3 in cold tomorrow. clear skies thursday and friday very chilly morning temperatures, but another storm on top for the saturday with showers starting it looks like new year's. >> in quarter madera i'm here where this home surrounded by sand bags is typical of the many homes here in the north bay that preparing for the oncoming storm spirited this house is at sea level so as to set
6:32 pm
the bags to ward off storm waters. these houses have bags in front of the rosh because they have and will driveways that pulled the storm water to the hall. crews spent the day clearing storm drains to prevent flooding, allowing free drainage to the bay. dave kron 4 news. >> travelers are still facing headaches at the airport from the storm is back east of the storms here. jonathan blum live at sfo to explain. >> people have been waiting here at the airport trying to get tickets to get to the east coast, some the lucky ones are behind me. we say lucky because those of the people who actually have confirmed seats on a flight out of here heading to destination like boston, new york, new jersey. young like the ones they're waiting at the ticket counter here's videotape of that. if those lines are getting clobbered for the day, these are people who have often been told they have to wait till thursday or friday get a flight out of here because there just aren't enough
6:33 pm
seats to accommodate the people whose flights were canceled yesterday as a result of the blizzard. the fact that there whether delays your sfo making flights even longer delight including some flights that are added to destinations that are on the west coast. we talked one student from new york, he lives in san francisco but his van was on the east coast. all what to do is get home in time for tears, listened to the ordeal he's got risen 6:00 a.m. this morning. >> i've been here since 630 cancelled, delayed also delay from 8:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m. and then delayed from 10:00 till 12:00, 12 to one, at 12 to three or cancelled. then i got put on standby for another flight, i got stand by and another flight that i get transferred to a flight to it on the third yes to washington to transfer to kennedy on the 31st and then finally i got tomorrow at
6:34 pm
9:00 p.m.. >> it sounds like a horrible failure but believe it or not that's a success story because tomorrow that's a lot sooner than some other folks are flying out. experts recommend to come here to the airport and talked to people of the ticket counter in person. it the fault lines are likely to be busy in the web sites are not going to make an accommodation for you there just computers. get here early, talk to folks at the ticket counter and see what it to work out for you. the bottom line is patience is the key here because these are weather-related delays airlines are not likely to provide a hotel room or rental car for you because our contract say and that if weather is the culprit that they're not obligated to provide those sorts of amenities for you. live at sfo jonathan blum kron 4 news. >> officials of oakland pleas of course it did half a dozen people rock in the month of december were looking to buy vehicles advertise on gregg's list. victims are responded to the being directed to north
6:35 pm
and east oakland neighborhoods. the one thing that i would want people to be careful of if the vehicles advertise for well below the blue book value that's a red flag. if the deal looks too good to be true of probably as. >> at oakland police headquarters kron 4 news. >> the growing controversy here at the santa clara fire department of what's being called a double dip pension. 57 year-old kenneth retires at the end of the month will start collecting his pension, his actions did not for a while to help the department transition into energy. that means getting paid a consulting fee equal to what is the area's chief $113 an hour. that's on top of getting at $200,000 a year pension. the chief said it's only this is the consol for collection of spiriting campbell kron 4 news. >> time is running out to find a way it laying off 6 to his officers were scheduled to lose their jobs to and refers. the city manager was told earlier this month to cut the position for the pair of the
6:36 pm
save money. ironically, the officers that remain on the force will be getting a pay raise on the same day. because of a negotiated contract. all this comes at a time of the city is expecting crime and the homicide rate is double this year. in antioch, jeff bush kron 4 news. >> time now for kept up with gabe slate. >> good news for at&t customers, at&t is going to deploy a public why fight hot zones. the first one that they're building is on the embarcadero all along the waterfront in san francisco. once it's up and running and well within at&t phone call my fault, i pad those devices, will connect much faster to the internet went along the embarcadero. at&t called to tell me to expected in the near future. hopefully sooner rather than later. the embarcadero pilot program works well, you can expect at&t will put more public why fiats over the route bay area. if they do
6:37 pm
that, that's good news for everyone not just at&t customers because that will push the other carriers to but the public why fiats of as well. is right now wife i got some from the offered inside buildings, your home, your office, cafes, airports. when you're inside your phone and computer called a connect to the internet using slow work, cell phone service or internet air card. phones and laptops search the web at all lot faster when connected to 15. the public why fiats on is not just for at&t phones and i pad users. he then set up for why five of the plan for $20 a month, the new public consol being built. it also by day passes for around $4 a day to use the wife i service. in san francisco, gabe slate kron 4 news. >> apple is facing a class- action lawsuit accused of violating its caesars
6:38 pm
privacy. at still landed on the i pad some private information about the device's use third two advertising companies. the makers of several popular acts were named as defendants in the lawsuit. apple is not commented on the claim. >> i'm kimberly stock model right now were trapped in the storm on see where that rate is heading now where it's supposed to go over the next few hours. also take a look at our 7 day around the bay for the long-term forecast of when you had outside be sure to take a picture or video of the raid was reconditions and e-mail it to us on >> we continue to track the storm the bay area live look rain piling up we have a flash flood watch in effect for the north bay.
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
backlash in the northeast and very snow residents and your commute years here angry over electric
6:42 pm
officials are cleaning up that snowstorm of the weekend. the streets are blanketed with snow leaving new yorkers like lance 01 are on edge. >> years and years i've lived here and never have i seen it like this. emergency crews that this fire truck in manhattan face challenging conditions. hundreds of buses were stopped and stranded by tuesday morning. if there is this video damage while cars were being towed. >>, the department of sanitation is under investigation. city councilwoman a democrat of brooklyn and chairwoman of sanitation committee has scheduled a hearing she gives the city's response of failing >> new yorkers are angry that there's a disconnect between those in the roads and the mayor and is a demonstration. to me it's not a reflection of a mayor who's out of touch. >> response from a green
6:43 pm
yorkers, they in their cities in great to add in the city is doing the best it can. >> we will get to everybody time, we will make mistakes but we have to continue planning ahead. yelling about it and company doesn't help. >> when bert was a real politician under fire. in neighboring new jersey gov. chris christie a rising star gained attention for the fact that he's on vacation while the state was hit with the blizzard. his lieutenant governor was vacationing as well leaving the state in the hands of the state senate president. they're both been gone. it shouldn't they be taking care of this state? >> it's hard to talk about the governor is one of the greatest governors we've had but a trees and communication and the state's getting cleaned up. the governor's office answer criticisms in response to the storm has been the same as it would be in other circumstances. we will get
6:44 pm
through this just as we always have. >> the frustrations in the airport people on four flights in the jfk airport were sitting in the truck for hours after the airport had no beds available for them to disembark. closed to a dozen flights of been cancelled since the storm hit. will be right back with of sports coming up with vern glenn.
6:45 pm
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6:47 pm
days after firing head coach the search for general manager hit this morning your kids interviewed tony for the vacant general manager did this morning he was most recently with the carolina panthers is also what the set lowest rams as a personal executive. this set of high is the role which means all teams have to interview a minority candidate for this. it continues with the balance of this week have to admit coach mike singletary was there certainly made an impression here some of the
6:48 pm
best of coach. >> like to introduce the new head coach of the san francisco forty-niners. >> >> about the players of let them know i'm excited and proud to be their head coach. and that the expectations will be high. >> more about them is about the team. can i play with that, can i one with them, can a coach with them. , winners. >> it looks pretty but nobody's going to make the team shore. >> number two, we're not a charity. we cannot give them the game. that's number 2. >> i am not trying to impress, when i'm coaching on not thinking about the
6:49 pm
york's. i'm not thinking that the york's are looking at me in hoping well, i hope they saw that. i don't really care about that. >> i do not apologize about , you know what a look ahead take the bus today. he did want to go further. what did i do? what did you do? what you mean, look out their there is that's what she did. >> there was no talk, there is no talk that he was going i'm telling you there is not for me on the head coach doesn't matter who else said it it does matter he will not compete for number one. absolutely unequivocal aid did not. i'm not a politician, of the tap
6:50 pm
dancer. i say things that i feel. and i do have to do a better job than and not letting the media baby. to have any idea how you think i feel? that's putting it mildly. when our receivers don't run the right route, that's on me. when we have a turnover, that's on me. anything that happened in the game, is on me. i don't want to spend my time trying to find the rap, in time the snow will come. if the rat is in the building is going
6:51 pm
to show in time. >> we have to forty-niners doing patrick willis is a starter for the fourth straight time justice with also goes as a backup. on the other side of the bay, one-to-3 raiders are going for the third straight year. defensive richard seymour selected the six pro ball he'll be on the back up. when we come back, holiday all the comfort food been going down? been eating healthy? no, we have a solution for you we have carried she's going to tell you how to get physical and how you what to eat right. in a moment, don't move.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
we're back talking fitness and nutrition was carried there she is doing her thing longtime bay area fitness and nutrition coach. she's been so she runs and this is what we have to talk to our
6:55 pm
boat the home attrition thing would look a joint actions had we get people out this time of the year to push back the fad food the comfort food in the back in the gym what does it take? >> commit 100 percent. you need to think about making the choice yourself committing to your body and realizing you know what it's time to make a change i need to stop the overheating, stopped a temptation. the figure out what's causing those craving. >> easier said than done i would imagine. i like to sleep and a lot a comfort food but i guess once you start doing it the indoor fans kick and? >> absolutely it's like once you get fit, eating healthier you're going to this natural energy and natural high. >> we go from this in the next video would be you in the kitchen and the food thing you don't like anything packaged or out of
6:56 pm
the can. you want to be as natural as you can is that one of the keys? >> absolutely it comes down to slowing down, looking for real food no process food. >> a buddy system someone to be year safety net to. >> exactly (laughter) about the need to be accountable to in regard to the attrition but also so when you can talk to about working out, going in working out with some and creating a buddy system. >> we have about 30 seconds to go were having fun with this yes get the body and get in shape. in 15 seconds your organ docks what you think against against oregon? >> it's all about the zero periods >> january 10th that'll be the time getting going. will you be going to the game? >> unfortunately no.
6:57 pm
>> nutrition and getting physical with carry thank you for your few minutes. see you at 11:00 everybody.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
story behind today's top celebrity news. i'm lara spencer. >> "the insider" is on. >> miley cyrus' new photo scandal. >> just after being snapped getting high from a bong, the shocking shot of the teen with another girl. >> stars surviving the new york whiteout. >> sarah jessica parker was knee deep with little james. >> will manhattan dig out in time for new year's eve. elton's surprise son. who's the mommy? >> clooney's cabo getaway. >> j. lo's new diet. she stays in great shape. that's just in time for her "american idol" debut. >> it is time for tonight's star watch. >> chelsea


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